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Tbilisi events - Exhibition JUNE 11, 2018

exhibition Eter Metreveli “Mutual Frustration”

Georgian National Museum presents the exhibition “Mutual Frustration” by Eter Metreveli at Tbilisi History Museum.
The exhibition showcases 15 paintings of the artist. The artistic concept of the exhibition reflects the response of the developed trend. The artistic progression “New Objectivity” emerged between the First and the Second World Wars utilizes strict realism and maximum accuracy to depict the reality. The exhibited artworks refer to the severe themes of the reality and its transformation.
Eter Metreveli graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts the faculty of Restoration. After that, she moved to France and graduated Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts Faculty of the Valencian University. The artist has annually participated in the university’s art exhibitions that contributed to the creation of her artistic searches.
The project gives the opportunity to consider the latest trends its searches of Georgian modern art.

Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla)
8, Sioni Str. Tbilisi, Georgia
from - September 18 till - October 4
exhibition Georgian National Museum presents the exhibition "Unity in Diversity.

Bristol & Tbilisi: 1988 -2018" in Tbilisi History Museum. The exhibition is dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of twinning and friendship of Bristol (United Kingdom) and Tbilisi.
Twinning started as a movement after the Second World War as way for people from different countries and cultures to become friends and gain a greater understanding of each other.
Bristol and Tbilisi were twinned in 1988 when Georgia was still part of the Soviet Union.
The exhibition will showcase the development of the cultural, educational and civic relationship between the two cities from the beginning to present day.
The exhibition will bring together Georgian and British artists, who participated in different art exhibitions and festivals in Tbilisi and Bristol during 30 years, as well as other internationally recognized artists and emerging talent from both cities.
Among artists are: Martyn Grimmer, Jemal Gugunava, Megan Hoyle, Benjamin Jones, Mariele Neudecker, Maggie Royle, Thea Gvetadze, Mamuka Japaridze, Maia Naveriani, Koka Ramishvili, Guram Tsibakhashvili, Iliko Zautashvili, Lali Ayers, Andrew Burns Colwill, Martin Edwards, Mark Haywand, Bacha Khoperia (Dr. Love), Rosie McLay, Yuri Mechitov, Oto Tsagareishvili, Tamuna Tsakhnakia (Tamoonz).

Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla)
8, Sioni Str. Tbilisi, Georgia
from - September 19 till - October 4
exhibition Georgian Wine Festival 2018
Georgian wine producers are preparing for the Grand Festival, where small, medium and large winemakers will present their wines to the festival guests by organizing the wine online shop and media portal and "Maidan Group".

Sioni Street

from - October 13 till - October 13
exhibition For the purpose to celebrate the 100th anniversary date of the First Republic of Georgia, from 25 May visitors will be able to view the original constitutive documents of the First Democratic Republic in the exhibition pavilion of the National Archives of Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

The most important documents of 1918-1921 Georgian history, presented on the exhibition, are as follows:
  • The original document of the independence act of the Democratic Republic of Georgia of 26 May
  • The Constitution of Georgia, accepted on the 21 February 1921
  • The originals of the emblem and the standard of the Democratic Republic of Georgia; the original documents of landmark importance, connected to the working process of the government, the National Council, the Constituent Assembly and other state structures; unique photo and film documents, reflecting the history of 1918-1921.
  • 10:00-20:00

    National Archive of Georgia
    1, Vazha-Pshavela Avenue
    from - May 30 till - June 14
    exhibition Red Square Gallery presents the personal exhibition of Misha Balavadze "Seize the moment''
    Opening of exhibition: 07.06.2018 19.00 P.M.
    Exhibition will last until:21.06.2018

    Red Square Gallery
    88, Paliashvili St.
    from - June 7 till - June 21
    exhibition Georgia, along with global companies and Georgian educational and research institutes, joins the space exploration project. NASA astronauts have successfully carried out several experiments at the space station, which is an important step in the way of spreading plant culture. The potential of Georgia in this direction is unique, because it deals with the ancient culture of growing grapes.
    At the first stage of the project initiated in Georgia, the initiative group is formed of the employees: the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, the Georgian National Museum, the University of Business and Technology, the company SpaceFarms — representatives of future greenhouses and the Microsoft Representative in Georgia, Nikoloz Doborzhginidze

    S. Janashia Museum of Georgia
    Shota Rustaveli Ave. 3, Tbilisi, Georgia.
    from - June 20 till - June 20
    exhibition We invite you to the presentation of the “Book Space” in Open Air Museum of Ethnography.
    Music: Halfmyth
    Artist: Levan Mikeladze
    Guests will be hosted by SHILDA winery.
    Technical Support of the event: Georgian Conference Time (GCT)

    G. Chitaia Open Air Museum of Ethnography
    Turtle Lake Road 1, Tbilisi, Georgia.
    from - July 3 till - July 3
    exhibition International Committee of the Red Cross Georgia • Forget Me Not
    Merab Berdzenishvili International Culture Center "Muza"
    Tbilisi, 1 Kus Tba Street.
    from - August 30 till - September 2
    exhibition Bernini and Roman Baroque
    After the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Titian and other great Italian artists, the Georgian National Museum and the Embassy of Italy in Georgia present the exhibition "Bernini's School and the Roman Baroque".
    The exhibition "Bernini School and Roman Baroque" at the Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery showcases the masterpieces of Bernini and other Italian masters of XVII century from the Roman Baroque Museum near Rome, "Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia". The exhibition presents about 60 works including painting and graphic portraits, self-portraits, landscapes; bronze medals and medallions, palace decorations, leather and silk hangers, decorative lamp; Preparations for frescos designed for religious buildings and etc.

    Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery
    Shota Rustaveli Ave. 11
    from - September 11 till - September 25
    exhibition National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia hosts Canadian Film Days. The retrospective includes four screenings of Canadian feature, documentary and animation films.
    1, Vazha-Pshavela Ave.
    23 September. 12:00.
    Animation and experimental film programme for children

    Begone Dull Care
    Christmas at Moose Factory
    The Juggler
    The Cat Came Back
    The Blackfly Song
    Boy Who Saw the Iceberg
    Me and My Moulton
    Kuujjuaq Hockey

    23 September. 19:00.

    24 September. 19:00.

    25 September. 19:00.
    from - September 23 till - September 25
    exhibition Photo Exhibition “Diego and Frida. A Smile in the middle of the way”

    “Diego and Frida. A Smile in the middle of the way” – Georgian National Museum, The Embassy of the United States in Georgia and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia at Sighnaghi Museum present the photo exhibition from Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo House-Studio Museum (Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo).
    The exhibition depicting the personal life of this well-known couple of the 20th century, for the first time was presented in 2002 at Diego Rivera and the Frieda Kallo House-Studio Museum. After that, the exhibition travels to different countries
    Exposition at Sighnaghi Museum displays about 100 photographs depicting daily life, second marriage, working process at their studio of notable couple of Mexican Art history. Many photographers shot their relationship, including Guillermo Kahlo, Peter Julie, Guillermo Zamora, Nicolas Murray, Edward Weston, Manuel Álvarez Bravo and Juan Guzmán.

    Sighnaghi Museum, 8, Shota Rustaveli Blind-alley, Sighnaghi, Georgia

    from - September 28 till - November 7
    exhibition The exhibition “Gathering”
    Georgian National Museum in the framework of the project “Contemporary Art Gallery”, presents the exhibition “Gathering” at the Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla).
    The exhibition presents the part of the project “From local to global” and shows the works created during the two-week workshop by the British and Georgian artist. “Gathering” means a group of people who get together and the act of collecting, searching and assembling.
    Arteli-Racha has become a special place for artists for two weeks. The workshop has created space for studying and experimenting the environment, observing active processes of learning from each other and exploring unknown and familiar together. It has created the platform for describing cultural differences and prospects for further cooperation and exchanges for British and Georgian artists.

    Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla)
    8 Sioni Str.
    from - October 18 till - November 2

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